Demo Clips

This page is a sample of work of Ben Howard. And in case you don’t have it already here is his resumé.

Title: “Maritime Enforcement Specialist” – U. S. Coast Guard

Role: Editor, Graphics

This video is part of a series produced for the U. S. Coast Guard’s Recruitment Website by LM&O Advertising as part of the re-launch of the Coast Guard’s site.

Title: “Are you ready for this?” – U. S. Secret Service Training Video

Role: Editor, Producer, Camera

Produced for the U.S. Secret Service to aid in informing potential agent trainees how demanding the job is, this video was shot on location at the Secret Service Training facility in Beltsville, MD.

Title: CPB/Newshour Digital TV Prototype

Role: Editor, Technical Consultant, Interface Design

This project was commissioned by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. It was a prototype for Digital Interactive television – from the Newshour perspective. Excerpt 1 above and Excerpt 2 is below.

Title: Introduction to 1492

Role: Editor, Motion Control

Introduction to 1492, a virtual art gallery released by the National Gallery of Art in conjunction with the live exhibit. IN the days before DVD and the high-bandwidth web had really taken hold, institutions tired a variety of methods to share the contents of their collections. This video disc contained the above intro as well as 1800 still images of the items in the collection.

Title: Changing the Face of Medicine Event Video

Role: Editor, Technical Consultant

An overview video for the launch of National Library of Medicine’s Changing the Face of Medicine exhibit.

Title: IT Security Spotlight

Role: Editor, Visual Designer, Virtual World Design and Capture

Produced for the U.S. Federal Courts, this video explains IT security using the online, virtual world of Second Life as a method of presenting information that would have been otherwise difficult to show.

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