Picture of Ben Howard - SEPT2014Welcome to Buttonpusher.tv.

This weblog is created & maintained by me, Ben Howard.

I am a 35-year veteran of media production and post-production.  I have been involved in all aspects – production, post-production, &  management. I’m a husband and father (of two). My interests range from acting to stage combat to archery to gaming (both video and tabletop). I’m a passionate learner and teacher. I am a good communicator and a quick study.

I have worked as an expert technical consultant, an accomplished producer/editor, and head of facilities. My credits include award-winning programs for The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, PBS, Schlessinger Media and The National Institutes of Health. My background encompasses a wide range of video and television projects, including documentary, promotional, educational, commercial and entertainment programs.

You can find my resumé here. And here’s a page of Demo Clips.