Announcing the Reboot for 2018

Let’s call it Version 14 – this Weblog has been around since 2004!?! So, this’ll be the 14th year facelift & reboot.

Way back when I made the first post, I had wanted to create a place where I could share my knowledge and experiences of working in media production. I’ve realized that I still want to do that. I’ve got some new ideas for the kinds of content I want to create & post here.

This site has become quite a ghost town in the last few years. The reasons why are varied, but needless to say, I’m interested in getting back into sharing what I know & what I’ve learned over my career. I started in this business in 1983, at age 14, pulling cables and assisting my Dad (it’s all his fault!) and I never really considered any other paths. I’ve been doing production & post-production now for 35 years. Obviously, I’ve got some things to say.

So, pardon our dust, as we head into 2018, we’ll updating, revising, posting, and mostly just showing up around here more frequently. Stay tuned…