Formats & Frame Rates & Codecs, Oh My!

Last night, I was a panelist at the Women In Film & Video session, “Formats & Frame Rates & Codecs, Oh My!” along with Virginia Quesada and Chief Engineer Sam Crawford of Henninger Media Services and moderated by Editor Mickey Green. It was a great evening covering a wide range of technical topics. The turnout was phenomenal. I was surprised and pleased to see a large number of producer-types there. I wondered if maybe the producers had come out, because of something that may be shifting in our industry. Being the Super-Tech-Geek that I am, I have noticed an increasing interest on the part of typically non-technical producers. These are folks who, in years past, have stayed away from the complex technical issues surrounding production and post-production. My theory is that (maybe) many of those folks are coming to the realization that tech is not going away nor is it getting any less complex. Lack of understanding of the technology used in our productions can be directly translated to higher costs and missed deadlines. The energy of last night felt like things were shifting slightly and that even the non-technical folks have a rising interest in getting a grasp on the technical stuff. Its a refreshing thought & I hope I’m right. WIFV is interested in doing more of these sessions and I hope to be involved again. Stay tuned.

As promised, here are links to some of the items I presented:

Presentation Slides – my slides on Backup Plan and Project Asset Management

The slides on HD formats were taken from a presentation I gave back in 2007. Here is a PDF of those slides. There is more in the PDF than what I covered and (thankfully) most of it is still valid even 5 years later.

Here’s a direct link to my Generic Assets Folder Template. And the post where I explain it all in more detail along with many other Asset Management techniques is “Man Crushed Under Weight of 34Terabytes.”

Thank you Mickey & WIFVers for putting this event together. Thanks to those who attended. And keep your eyes out for info about upcoming events like this, there will be more!

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