Avid Studio for iPad – quick take

Super quick take on Avid Studio for iPad:
– much more intuitive than iMovie on iOS.
– it reads ALL media on your iPad. All your music. All you photos. All your videos. And all your iTunes U content (that won’t last, I’m sure – so easy to rip off that content)
-very good set of editing tools – surprising for a version 1. Good Job Avid
-you cannot (as far as I can tell) take a video with married audio and then cut shots into it without stepping on the audio. (i.e.-no master shot with audio and then cutaways). The only way I see to make it work (so far) is to rip the audio off of a movie and then bring it back in as an audio source. This needs to be fixed.

Very impressed with this first effort though. An editor for $5 that can send projects to a professional desktop editing app…wow.

UPDATE: So it only sends projects to the PC-version of Avid Studio. But its a step closer.

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  1. So I was hoping for a way to do B roll cutaways while preserving the baseline audio and base clip length. I don’t think that the ipad version of iMovie will do this either. Is there any other video editor for iPad that will do cutaways? I know that the full Mac version of iMovie will do B roll, but I would like to do on-the-set editing on my iPad.

  2. I have been giving it a go, I was wondering about cutaways
    as imovie lacks that on the ipad.

    In fact you can by choosing to do a picture in picture then enlarging the video to fill the frame it covers the other video but leaves it’s audio.

    Weird way of doing it though!

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